Week 1 – My Journey Becoming the Best Version of Me Has Begun!

Finally, my Master Key Experience has begun and I am soooo excited, I can hardly stand it! I’ve been waiting for this for so long and now it’s finally here. It’s been a week filled with amazing content that has my mind racing morning, noon and night. I feel my synapses firing all over the place, even when I sleep. And when I sleep, I’m in such a deep sleep through the night, all the while my subby is replaying what I’ve been experiencing and learning. When I wake up, I can’t wait to get to my readings and quiet time. The beauty of what I’m experiencing is that I’m learning the KEYS to living my life by design (with positive thoughts and good habits) rather than by default (from negative thoughts and bad habits), becoming the best version of me, hence the title “Master Key…” – go figure! 🙂

Best Version of You

I’m still absorbing all of this amazing content and I have never blogged before so I’m not sure what I want to write on just yet. If I wrote on everything that was flowing through my mind right now, it would take a while. What I can say is that I’m so excited for this entire experience – the transformation has already started, I feel it in my subby and my whole body. It really excites and delights me how when I do my readings, I take away something new every time, even though I am reading the same things everyday. New habits are forming every time I sit down to do the work then take it with me throughout the day.

I’m so very grateful to be participating in this life-changing experience. Thank you Mark J, the beautiful Davene and your awesome staff and guides. I am forever in your debt and cannot wait to pay it forward!

Until I find my own sign off, I am copying from the masters…

Peace be the journey my friends!



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