Week 2 – Making Progress

Another week has passed on my incredible journey to becoming my best self through my MKMMA experience and it’s hard to explain all that I am feeling. Before I started this journey, I had a pretty regular morning routine of rising early to have my quite time for me where I would meditate, workout and have my coffee. Sometimes I would read or write in my journal but most of the time I would putter around the kitchen in the beautiful silence and enjoy my alone time in my quiet space. This is time that I have always cherished but now it is even more special as I have added my MKMMA readings and quiet meditation (of late I have had Deepak and Oprah talking in my ears with their 21-day meditations).

With these new additions to my morning routine over the past 10-days, I can’t really put words to what I’m yet feeliDont Give Upng but I most definitely can feel changes going on inside of me, not only in my subconscious mind but deep in my soul. I can tell I’m more readily absorbing the readings as I feel the synapses in my brain wildly firing with all the new, yet not so new, information I am learning. I can feel the groves of new pathways beginning to form in my mind while many parts of my old blueprint fight to keep my old negative, wornout beliefs.

I can’t wait for what is yet to come! It’s been a busy week in my world with many other demands pulling me in several different directions but I have completed all my homework everyday, even if it’s late into the night when I do my last Og reading aloud in the dim light of my family room as not to wake my hubby – of this I am so proud since I always keep my promises!

Until next week, peace be the journey my friends!

P.S. with childlike excitement I’m noticing blue rectangles everywhere I go…heehee!


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