Week 6 – Trust the Process

Here we are at Week 6 and the war between my eager desperate mind (with my desire to change my thoughts) and my old scared blue prints (wanting to hang on to all that is ridiculously comfortable) rages on between my ears. I often feel a bit scitzophrenic but, as I consistently do my daily Og and Haanel readings, read my service cards, embrace my DMP, replay my movie trailer, link my shapes and do my sit, my agitation starts to decrease and a quiet calm begins to envelop me. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to direct, or redirect, the whole experience of my day before it even begins to unfold.image

So, as I invariably remind myself “I can be what I will to be” and “I’m in the flow” (more than 20x the daily requirements because of the comfort these phrases bring me…and because i’m slightly scitzo) I have added another chant to my mental repitoire which is proving to be a very steadying addition to my daily mantras…Trust The Process.


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