Week 11 – A Partial Clearing

Although I am so very grateful to be going through this MKMMA experience, I have to be honest that this has been quite a roller coaster ride of emotions for me, which I did not expect. However, I know I’m growing daily so I keep pressing on because of the person I want to become and am becoming…it makes this whole journey so worthwhile. And, even though I am still fighting my old blueprints and starting-re-starting my mental diet, sometimes multiple times per day, I’m also having some profound victories with my plethora of new peptides and calm, relaxed state of mind.

My desire to connect with my true self – so I can be the person I meant to BE so I can do the things I am meant to DO – is my driving force these days. I often hear myself chanting, screaming or mumbling (when others are around), “I can be what I will to be!” or “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy & healthy!” or “DO IT NOW!”…always with passion and enthusiasm. I’m beginning to feel a deeper, quieter confidence than I have ever felt before.

Yet…clarity about my DMP and PPNs are somewhat escaping me. I want my soul to sing everytime I read them so back to the drawing board I go. Although, as I continue to remove the obstacles in my way, I can see more clearly the rain has gone…



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