Week 12 – Persistence mixed with Grace & Gratitude

Persistence…”Well, I’ve got this one down for sure!”…so says my conscious mind as I recount how diligent I’ve been with my daily readings with enthusiasm, linking my shapes and doing my visualizations.

However, my old blueprints know better and whap me upside the back of my head (just like Gibbs does to di Noso, as my fellow NCIS lovers know)…”Ha! Not so fast! You didn’t do your sit twice this week and you haven’t scratched the ‘will’ out of Scroll III in Og’s Greatest Salesman…and, you haven’t finished  writing out your affirmations on your index cards…so who do think you are saying you have this persistence thing down?”

Don’t you just love old blueprints? Mine are so good at reminding me of my shortfalls and shortcomings.

But…since I’ve been persistent with my Mental Diet and embracing the 7 Laws of the Mind…I choose to give myself grace and am filled with imagegratitude for their constant reminder of how perfectly imperfect I am because tomorrow, I get to do my best and be better than I was the day before. Then…I smile a big, bold, grateful smile because I realize my persistence is paying off.


7 thoughts on “Week 12 – Persistence mixed with Grace & Gratitude

  1. Liz Allen

    It was such a joy to read this and realize that I am not alone. I look at my materials on the coffee table thru the day and my old blueprint lulls me into thinking I will do it later half the time. Sigh. I will persist with grace and gratitude. 🙂 Merry Christmas



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