Week 15 – Harmony Is Becoming My New Reality

Now that the Holidays are over and my son is back at school, it is back to reality. All I can say is I am SO GRATEFUL for this whole MKMMA experience! If it wasn’t for all the tools I have learned to use when my mind starts to head towards my vicious downward spiral of thoughts, I would be wallowing in my sadness for so many things that I have no reason to be sad – thank goodness for the 7 Laws of the Mind. I now know, accept and embrace the Law of Dual Thought and the Law of Substition and I must say, through the Law of Practice, I am getting really good at implementing them.

My deisre to change so I can become the person I’m meant to be is growing stronger everday, leaving my fears in my wake (most of them) and harmony is no longer just a view in my horizon, it is becoming my reality, I am giddy with the feeling of inner peace and possibilities. Don’t get me wrong…I must confess that I still have those moments where my thoughts do get the best of me but those feelings are fleeting and quickly dissapate as I remember the 7 Laws of the Mind, read through my flash cards and consistenly repeat “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy and healthy!”

The more I get to know my True Self, recognize the greatness within me, regularly and fondly review my accomplishments/things I am grateful for, sit,image reflect, visualize and believe, I realize the more I engage the Law of Attraction and manifest my desires. What still rears it’s ugly head (more often than I want or need it to) and stops my harmonious flow is that old blueprint of mine – lack of trust and belief that I deserve and can live the life of my dreams. The good news is that I am working on that one – every day.


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