MKMMA Week 17 Is Haanel Trying To be Insulting or is he just Clueless?

Love this blog! Food for thought for sure! Hope you had an awesome Birthday…happy belated one. Cheers!


MKMMA Week 17  “Is Haanel trying to be Insulting or is he just Clueless?”

I thought that I had gotten my venting about Haanel’s drift away from reality out of my system last week, but he just gave me too much to work with this week, so welcome baaaaack.

Really though, first of all I have to compliment him on some great helpful stuff.  17:13, 17:15, 17:28 lots and lots of good stuff this week as is the case most weeks. The man had an enormous amount of good stuff to say.  Unfortunately, to really be able to accept all that he says and get the most value from it, an inquisitive person will likely ask very frequently, things like, “well how do you know Frank?”, where did you learn this stuff?  Who are the other scholars in world history that agree with you? Are there any great teachers that…

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