Week 16 – Love, Kindness and Gratitude

It is hard to believe we are 16 weeks into this amazing journey. It has been a wild ride thus far and I am so looking forward to the exciting weeks ahead. But, I must confess, I’m still battling major blueprint demons. I know, mentally, undoing all that has been done over the past 52 years to pack on the cement to my golden Buddha is going to take time…but, emotionally, I want to already be there because this roller-coaster ride of emotions is, quite frankly, fricking exhausting and not pretty…but lasting change is not supposed to be pretty.

Thank goodness this week we were to focus on kindness…seeing it in ourselves and in others, everyday, and performing random acts of kindness when no one was looking. It helped me to take my focus off of me and my many layers of protection and pay better attention to showering others with love, kindness and gratitude. The more I focused on being kind the more I saw kindness all around me – I saw it in everyone I encountered. Even better…it created this kind of ripple effect…the feelings were so contagious, the loving kindness I exuded generated more loving kindness from others. Even better than that…there were 6500+ other random acts of kindness going on all week…think of how many lives we touched! So cool!

Think of what the world would be like if we all focused daily on kindness and gratitude?




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