Week 17 – Change and “Ah-Ha” Moments

It has been a week of more change and “Ah-Ha” moments this week as I move through my daily exercises to help me grow into my future self. I’ve been struggling for words to write that clearly express what I am experiencing so I looked to my fellow MKMMA students for some guidance. When I read Mark Holder’s Master Key blog this week it said exactly what I wanted to say so well. So, rather than sit here in frustration, please click on the link above to read his blog…he took the words right out of my mouth! It’s so wonderful and comforting to know I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings!

believe in your epiphanies


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Change and “Ah-Ha” Moments

  1. masterkeysaras

    I feel like that sometimes too. So there have been some weeks I wait to post my blog, even if it is late, just so I can find the words to describe my feelings! Ha! I will check out Mark’s blog!

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  2. teamski777masterkey

    The song lyrics…”You are not alone…” continue to run through my head as I read your blog. We are not in this alone and that is one of the best things. It is our journey, but we get to choose who we will bring along with us, it OUR choice!! Keep Shining and thanks for sharing Mark’s blog too!



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