Week 18 – Making Happiness Happen…

I’m moving in slow motion this week, it seems, yet I’m very aware as I let the messages of our lessons and progressions wash over me, sink-in and the cement just falls away. Happiness is all around me and I feel great! I’m becoming well acquainted with asking myself “What would the person I intend to become do next?”. When I ask myself that question, I must admit, I love the answers that pop into my head, regardless of the scene I have painted in my mind…”BE HAPPY NOW!”,”Give myself grace, love myself no matter what!”, “Do whatever it takes to make it happen!” “Remember I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy and healthy!” All of that gets reinforced as I flip through my flash cards, focus on gratitude, do my sits and exercises on a daily basis. Fifty-two years of cement is starting to fall away, sometimes at record pace, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what has been hiding underneath!!

Don’t get me wrong…some days I still do the two-step with my emotions and outlook (two-steps forward three-steps back) but the sense of peace, calm and happiness I am feeling in my inner world is immense, especially as I observe that things remain the same in my outer world. Actually, things are changing in my outer world because imageof the Law of Growth and the connection going on in my inner world…but that is a by-product (effect) of how happy I am (cause).

The beautiful thing is…I am creating this…I am responsible for making my happiness happen! And, as I great each day with love in my heart and persist until I succeed, I focus on living each day as though it were my last and realize I AM nature’s greatest miracle.


5 thoughts on “Week 18 – Making Happiness Happen…

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