Week 19 – F.E.A.R.

As I read Haanel this week I realize how much I let F.E.A.R. paralyze me…

Yet, I’ve come to realize it really is False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. which makes me want to Forget. Everything. And. Run.

Now don’t get me wrong…I have known for quite awhile that I often let F.E.A.R. stop me in my tracks. But…this week’s lesson has helped me really understand how much I do let it get in my way…and, what it has caused me to manifest in my life. What’s even even more amazing is that instead of feeling down and bad about myself because of it, I am looking at this whole situation from an observers point of view. I am excited that all I have to do is change the way I think about it, let it go (drop the banana) and take different actions tomorrow so I can manifest my hearts desire!

Now again…don’t get me wrong…F.E.A.R. is still in my life…however, I have decided to tackle my F.E.A.R. head on and my world is rapidly changing! I am letting go of things that I have held on to so tightly for years…but even better…I am feeling grateful for how well they have served me. I now see and know it is time to make choices that better serve me so I can better serve those around me. And, as I continue to grow and remember I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle, I strike my power pose daily…sometimes multiple times per day…and…Face. Everything. And. Rise.

What a powerful “Ah Ha moment” week!


4 thoughts on “Week 19 – F.E.A.R.

  1. mkdeanna

    I have worked through many fears in my life and then one day, a child, my child said, change the way you look at fear. It’s only a power surge and necessary strength if we channel it through love. Very wise child.

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