Week 21 – Gifts All Around

As each week goes by, I grow more and more into who I’m meant to be and I’m so excited! What I find the most amazing and rewarding and fulfilling is the positive focus and appreciation I have for myself and everyone and everything around me…such a gift that often leaves me at a loss of words for my gratitude regarding this entire experience.

What’s even more delightful is I’m truly starting to fully feel and experience this growth of mine when I do my daily sits. As I relax into my regular spot, my breathing slows and my mind almost instantly releases all thought as I start to come into alignment at a higher level of vibration and I begin to feel immense joy and gratitude fill my heart and soul. I feel so amazing in this space I don’t want to leave it…before I know it, an hour has gone by.

Most of the time, I just basque in the pure joy that washes over me as I sit. And…although I am still awaiting ideas and answers to come to me in my moments of silence…I am more and more aware of what I am attracting and paying much closer attention to my “hunches”.

The greatest gift of all…I am more present imageand intentional in my life than I have ever been before…for that I am especially grateful!

My life by design is beginning to unfold and I am giddy with excitement…and I am just getting started…



3 thoughts on “Week 21 – Gifts All Around

  1. mkdeanna

    Silence is golden and many other shades of beautiful bliss. Life by design is happening! Happy you are feeling the joy. Great blog.



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