Week 22a – The Sound of Silence…

Another week has passed on my amazing MKMMA journey and I continue to grow and change…I am thrilled beyond measure and belief. I know this experience was going to change me and inturn change my life but I had NO idea how much and in what way! For this and all those involved with this Master program I am eternally grateful!! I know I have said it before but words truly cannot express the gratitude and blessings I am filled with because of this rich and rewarding adventure! It has deeply changed how I see, feel and relate to myself…it has changed me to the core of my being.

This week was just as, if not more so, impactful as the week before. I struggled for long periods of silence (i.e. a day or two) but the stretches of thoughtful quiet I did get in on a daily basis bared much fruit!

Steps to the sunI now not only know that I am the co-creator of my life, but I realize how easy and effortlessly I can create it when I stay in my “zone” or “happy place” as I like to refer to it. When I “Let Go and Let God” amazing things happen. I would hear people say this before and thought I knew what they were talking about but, now I know, I had NO IDEA!

The most important thing I have learned (and am still learning) is the more I live in gratitude and blessings and appreciate all that is around me, keep a servant heart and be a self-directed thinker, I can be in my “happy place” whenever and for however long that I want…it is my choice. How awesomely empowering is that?!…


2 thoughts on “Week 22a – The Sound of Silence…

  1. mkdeanna

    Beautiful expression of love awareness and life by design. Love that your journey has been enhanced by silence, divine love, you and the MKMMA.



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