Press Release

It’s hard to believe it has only been 4 years since we last spoke to Diana when she was in the throws of her first MKMMA experience and about to start her first Go90Grow course to help re-launch her career as an Arbonne independent consultant. Since then, she has grown from a one man-District Manager-band to an Executive National Vice President with 10,000 people in her international organization. She is also a well-known speaker, motivator and life coach to many. Her story is quite remarkable, mainly because there is nothing really remarkable about it. She is an ordinary person who stayed focused and true to her dreams which yielded extraordinary results.

Although she has been a seeker all her life, her journey to true tansformation began when she was introduced to an amazing mentor Mark Janusewski aka Worlds Laziest Networker. His no-nonsense down to earth style first attracted her but the more she listened to his words of simple wisdom she was hooked and then drawn further in when she participated in his Master Keys Master Mind Alliance program. There, she discovered that the keys to true success and happiness in life are within her, within all of us. She learned she could create the life of her dreams by changing her thoughts to believe she could live the life of her dreams, so that is exactly what she did. She poured herself into learning all she could on how to harness the power of her mind and eliminate all her fears. And today, January 1, 2020, she is a top income-earning Arbonne Executive National Vice President and Independent Consultant, Leader, Speaker, Motivator and Coach, well on the path to living her life’s purpose of changing the health, wealth and wellbeing of the world, one person one family at a time.

After successfully completing 2015 MKMMA and Go90Grow courses, she got certified as a 2016 MKMMA guide and became lazer focused on serving and helping others to see how they too could live the life of there dreams. This in turn created a tidal wave of momentum in her business which caused it to not only grow but explode, earning her her first white Mercedes at the end of December 2016. In January 2017, her monthly income started to double, and subsequently triple each month, as she continued to show her team how to build teams to build teams without her. By continually focusing on her Definite Major Purpose and embracing Emerson’s Law of Compensation “Give More, Get More”, serving her team and donating thousands of dollars each month to Arbonne’s  Angel foundation (which helps young kids develop confidence to realize their true potential and reach for their dreams), she has been blessed in kind:

  • By December 2017, Diana was able to finally remodel/redecorated her fully paid for home. As quoted by her, “I LOVE being my own boss! I now have an office and home that truly inspires me. It is a PERFECT expression of me and makes my soul sing! I’m experiencing authentic LIBERTY and my heart bursts with gratitude that this is MY LIFE!”
  • By December 2018, she earned enough money that her amazing son Trusten is going to begin the next chapter of his life with his education fully paid for by the time he graduates from Indiana University.
  • By early December 2019, Diana had $1,000,000 in savings, allowing her and her family to have the financial freedom to travel at will. One of her most memorable trips is when she and her husband of 25-years spent two-weeks in Italy celebrating their anniversay. They visited a multitude of award winning vineyards, drank amazing wine and ate mouth-watering Italian charcuterie to their hearts content.

Throughout her journey these past 4 years, Diana has been steadfast in making healthy choices regarding the things she puts in, on and does for her body, mind and soul. She eats vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean proteins, nourishing grains and healthy fats daily. And, she continues to workout 5-7 times per week, doing many other physical activities that keep her body fit and trim. Diana believes this is the best way to help her maintain peak physical health and fitness so she has the mental and physical capacity to continue to help so many others do same in their lives as well.

When asked how did she acheive so much in such a short period of time and how does she plan on holding on to her success, Diana replies…”I am committed to being a persistent eager student, fearless in my pursuit of knowledge to grow myself and my international Arbonne and Coaching business! I promise to continue my habit of sitting and thinking about my goals in quiet every day for 15 or more minutes and reflect on the greatness within me! I am confident, courageous and powerful! I am, and always have been, extraordinarily capable of providing for myself and my family. I promise to work diligently towards the goals I set for my family and myself. I further promise to seek and accept the advice of my mentors. I always keep my promises!”

Wonderful words to live by Diana…it is quite evident that you do always keep your promises! We can’t wait to follow-up with you 4 years from now to hear all about  the many extraordinary things you will have accomplished and are involved with then.